Make DNA work for you!
WD 40
The Ken Blanchard Co's
First Pacific Bank
Sundt Construction
Chubb & Son
Campbell Soup
Dupont Pharmaceuticals
First American Trust
First Interstate Bank
Hughes Aircraft
IBRD (Biotech)
JSN, Packaging
Warner Brothers
KIMCO Staffing
Add On Health
Newport Meat Company
Caliber Packaging
Right-O-Way Transport
Sara Lee Bakery
Sheraton Corporation
Sunglass Hut
Chaparral Steel
Toyota Motors
Trident Data Systems
Tropitone Furniture
Ventana Venture Funds
Western Digital
- Click on DNA Profile          
- It's fun & easy

- Experts analyse the data  
- You gain insightful info!

- Identify team challenges
- Compare DNA results
- Improve Communications!
Team Leader & Members will be empowered to explore both team strengths as well as "blind and weak spots" as never before. The TEAM DNA Profile identifies powerful DNA combinations that can work for or against you. You will also receive Team Effectiveness "Do's and Don'ts" as well as other performance improvement tools.
Benefits you receive:
  • Gain powerful new insights on "what makes your team tick"
  • Clearly identify TEAM DNA strengths on which to build
  • Clearly recognize TEAM weaknesses that need to be changed
  • Empower each team member to support the team when and how necessary
  • Measure and improve "bottom line" team performance
Here's how it works:

Team leader and team members must FIRST complete the Individual DNA Profile. We will then match team members and give you written feedback and the team performance acceleration tools.

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Get started with the Individual DNA profile now. It's fun, quick, and easy! In less than 15 minutes, you will give us all the information we need to prepare your in-depth, INTR· PLAY DNA Profile.

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