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WD 40
The Ken Blanchard Co's
First Pacific Bank
Sundt Construction
Chubb & Son
Campbell Soup
Dupont Pharmaceuticals
First American Trust
First Interstate Bank
Hughes Aircraft
IBRD (Biotech)
JSN, Packaging
Warner Brothers
KIMCO Staffing
Add On Health
Newport Meat Company
Caliber Packaging
Right-O-Way Transport
Sara Lee Bakery
Sheraton Corporation
Sunglass Hut
Chaparral Steel
Toyota Motors
Trident Data Systems
Tropitone Furniture
Ventana Venture Funds
Western Digital

Our research, studies, and experience lend credibility to the value of INTR•PLAY DNA. We've spent years delving into human behavior, and we'd like you to have the benefit of our findings. The more you learn about identifying human behavior, the greater understanding you will have of the exciting potential there is in applying the cutting-edge tools of INTR•PLAY DNA to enrich your communications and efficiency in every aspect of your life.

We invite you to explore the following publications and research:
View/Download #1   "LEGOLAND California Builds Model Citizens..."
How LEGOLAND Used INTR•PLAY DNA to "interlock" its company & employees
View/Download #2   "Diversity, Productivity and Job Satisfaction..."
Rules, Principles, Myths, and Paradoxes in the Workplace.
View/Download #3   "'Docs' Laws of Organizational Behavior..."
Dr. Brunstetter's 'Ten Laws' that Make People and Companies Happier
View/Download #4   "The Myths of Employee Motivation..."
Seven Myths About Motivation Are Dispelled... compelling reading!
View/Download #5   "The Myths of Small Business Growth, and How to Overcome Them!"
Learn How Enlightened Small Businesses Executives Create Success
View/Download #6   "The 'Quick-Fix' Training Myth!"
Learn How the "Low Cost Per Head" Approach to Training Wasting Millions
View/Download #7   "Winning Teams..."
A True Team Consistently Outperforms Even the Best Group... learn how!
View/Download #8   The Four (4) Languages of Effective Families...
"How to Improve Family Communications, Trust and Love"
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