Positive chemistry with the team leader is CONTAGIOUS

When the team leader has team members complete the Work chemistry questionnaire, the team leader can use team member results to develop customized action plans for managing and motivating each SPECIFIC team member. Instead of long, complicated, and largely ineffective generic training programs, the team leader can now immediately improve and sustain team performance just by using Work Chemistry results and DIY tools.

Our research shows that the “secret sauce” of team effectiveness is the ability to create and sustain positive work chemistry with each unique team member. With an enlarged mindset and perspective, the team leader can now LISTEN better and RESPOND better to each individual team member. As a result of using Work Chemistry tools, Team members become more “engaged” because the team leader is seen as advocating for them “personally” rather than just being a ‘boss”.

Positive team chemistry with the team leader is CONTAGIOUS and VIRAL as it affects team members working with each other and when working with both internal and external customers.

Instead of wasting “training dollars” and time in useless generic one size fits none training programs, team leaders can now focus on more immediate ways to build work chemistry, trust, openness and key stakeholder interpersonal relationships.