Work Chemistry Profile: What is it, why is it important?

The Work Chemistry Profile (WCP) uses action research and “honed” work applications, to empower team leaders and members in all business sectors. Now they too can crack the work chemistry code necessary for building trust, openness, and full engagement with every team member. increasing team member work chemistry is not a “nice to have” program but a “must-have” set of “people” tools for achieving peak team performance.

The WCP gives the team leader a quantifiable “cheat sheet” that quickly and accurately identifies what motivates each “unique” team member. Generic training programs do not work because each team member is unique who has become so via a combination of “nature” and “nurture”.

Our 25 years of working with companies of all sizes has demonstrated that “Work Chemistry” is positively correlated with “work synergy” which is the “whole is greater than the sum of the parts ‘ phenomena applied to teams. When people understand and trust one another they tend to work through challenges and difficulties more easily and more quickly. Highly effective teams collaborate well and are more able to react and respond to unforeseen changes than traditional teams which focus on the work only and not on the team members doing the work.

Team leaders immediately become more effective after reviewing the key points of their profile results with a seasoned professional who can help them read and understand their own profile. The leadership coach identifies the immediate low hanging fruit while also pointing out often hidden issues that may be hindering their effectiveness. The coach helps team leaders to become more intentional about what to continue doing as a leader and what needs immediate change.